Possible Criminal Enterprise in Brazoria County, Texas ?


Is Brazoria County Children’s Alliance

a “Criminal Enterprise”pursuant to

U.S. Federal R.I.C.O. Act of 1970 ?

Shocking conflicts of interest abound when one scrutinizes the Board Members of Brazoria County Children’s Alliance.  Sheriff Charles Wagner,  the Brazoria County Child Protective Services  Program supervisor, Cheryl Harvick, and Brazoria Count  Criminal Court Prosecutor/D.A., Jeri Yenne, are all in bed together.  Does Brazoria County Judge, “Randy,” or, K. Randall Hufstetler of the 300th Judicial District Court in Angleton, Texas also have a stake in taking children away from their fit and loving families in unconstitutional and wrongful strategic maneuvers for profit via adoption, termination of parental rights, and unreliable and improbable warrants to search and seize children in contravention of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Federal, U.S. Constitution?  You be the judge, Real America and Real Mommies and Daddies.

Anyone who has cause to read this might be wise look up his or her nearest local Texas child-saving, or “child advocacy” center, and to protect any child(ren) one may or may not have by avoiding it and its personnel like the Plague.  Based on author’s firsthand, personal experiences and observations, and those of her only child, who was kidnapped and later held hostage in collaboration with “C.A.C.” employees acting under the color of law and in conspiracy against constitutional, civil, and “inalienable” rights to “life, liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness” (The Declaration of Independence, 1776).

If anyone has been a victim of any of these centers or affiliates, please be “courageous” and leave a comment here and possibly share your experience to help enlighten others before it is too late and the government and/or narcissistic, psychopathic “responsible” married fathers with their police “partners-in-crime” via collaborative–“conspiratorial”/collusive–memorandum of under standing.



CENSORSHIP IS A CRIME.  Author of this blog is not an attorney, and therefore, expressly gives no “legal advice.”

1.  This post is made in good faith and is intended only for educational, general knowledge, and/or entertainment purposes.  The author of this blog is not an attorney or qualified legal practitioner in any way, shape, or form, and does expressly does not represent herself as such.

2.  This blog’s author herein exercises her well-established right to the freedom of speech,expression, association, and to peaceable assembly well-established  through herein claims as natural American “citizen,”  First Amendment  (Amendment I), u.S. Constitutional and Bill of Rights ratifies and applies directly to the people through the Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal, u.S. Constituiton.

3.  Additionally,  should anyone desire a correction and/or retraction of any information contained in this post or on this blog, submit your request to me in writing. Detail all legal and factual arguments and bases in law in addition to any and all controverting and/or demonstrative evidence that challenges the firsthand, actual, “legal” “personal”/individual, non-hearsay knowledge and experience of, at least, this author.  In such event, author will be fair, just, and reasonable and be sure to act in “best interests” as a “recommended” “best practice” regarding integrity and administrative procedure.


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