Another Possible Criminal Enterprise, or, Racket, In Harris County/Houston, Texas?

The Children’s Assessment Center Foundation/”C.A.C.”–Child Advocacy Center in Harris County in Houston, Texas

Before you think about taking your child or not defending yourself and your child to the death as allowed by law in self-defense to prevent from being “transported” to the Children’s Assessment Center, or, “C.A.C.,” think again.

Is the Children’s Assessment Center a racketeering-influenced, corrupt organization that feeds the Harris County (Houston, Texas) family court, its judges, mediators, court-appointed guardian ad-litem and attorneys ad-litem for children, counselors (licensed by CPS), private “play therapists” (possibly Kim Abernethy in Houston, Texas), child custody evaluators, “SAFE” victim’s assistance customers, associate judges,  service providers, case managers, consultants, substance testing contractors, parenting class providers, ” faith-based, community partner organizations” (See Texas Office of Attorney General Website under Non-custodial parent resources), and, ultimately, the juvenile court judges and associate judges and Harris County Juvenile Probation Department and Harris County Sheriff’s Office (currently Adrian Garcia) “key stakeholders?”  Since all of these feed the Children’s Commissioner’s Courts, wouldn’t this an organized crime syndicate where it traffics children and generates victims for profit?

Have you, your child, or anyone you know been the victim of “courage” (as advertised)?

Has anyone else ever followed the advice of doctors, police, and CPS hotline workers by taking his/her child to the hospital for a sexual assault based on child’s allegations against another parent or relative during court-ordered visitation (50-50 shared parenting), had the audacity to present private health insurance for such examination that was not conducted by CPS Children’s Assessment Center (C.A.C.)forensic investigators, and to then be retaliated against by Children’s Protective Services for acting to protect your child like the law demands (or otherwise threatens to fine and imprison) by subjecting a young child whose brain is still growing to a second sexual assault exam at the C.A.C. and then been written-up for alleged “neglectful parenting” and/or alleged “emotional abuse” for “exposing child to an adult situation,” or “coaching” child to make alleged false allegations of child(sexual) abuse?

Be courageous and help others to come forward to expose fraudsters operating under the color of law, in “collaboration” with “community partners,” and under the one hundred percent (100%) non-transparent by state law  “non-for-profit” organizations like the Children’s Assessment Center (C.A.C.) and its sixty-four (64) affiliates.  Please share your story in part or in full in the comments section.

To Add to the Wall of Pharisees :

The Children’s Assessment Center Foundation Board of Directors

CAC Executive Director, Elaine StolteCAC.Elaine Stoltze

Executive Director, Elaine Stolte, joined The CAC in April 2000 following two decades as a court coordinator for Texas State District Judge Ted Poe.  Her years in the court system cultivated her commitment to victims of child sexual abuse and their families.  Her mission, together with rest of the staff, is to minimize the trauma and pain experienced by children, guide them through the necessary legal processes and implement new training and prevention programs.

The Children’s Assessment Center Foundation Board of Directors consists of 18 members from varied backgrounds throughout the community. They focus their diverse talents primarily on fundraising and advocacy to benefit The CAC. Since 1995, they have raised more than $25 million for capital and operating needs. The successes have been overwhelming and The CAC children have benefited greatly.

The unique public-private partnership with Harris County Judge Ed Emmett and the four County Commissioners indicates that the sexually abused children of Harris County are a high priority for both the government and the private sector.

President Brady E. Crosswell* Grey Fox Funding LLC
Treasurer Gail Prather* Prather Kalman, PC
Assistant Treasurer Mark Anderson* UHY LLP
Secretary Paulette Arana, D.D.S. Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Ericka Bagwell Philanthropist, Community Volunteer
Susan Boggio Philanthropist, Community Volunteer
Paul Bragg* Vantage Drilling Company
Diane Caplan Publisher, Houstonia Magazine
Christopher DeClaire* Vantage Drilling Company
Emily Essaye Philanthropist, Community Volunteer
Yolanda Green Comcast
David Key Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Marta Mattox Texas Crystal, Inc.
Kim Moody Philanthropist, Community Volunteer
John Sinders Frank’s International
Alicia Smith Innovative Legal Solutions
Megan Sutton-Reed Philanthropist, Community Volunteer
Yvette Webb Frost Bank
Phyllis Williams Philanthropist, Community Volunteer

Check out the salaries of some C.A.C. Employees at :

Does anyone else find it unethical that Judge of Judges for Harris County (Houston), Texas, Judge Ed Emmett, in this “unique” private-public venture, also controls the family and juvenile courts and the judges and also pays the CPS court-appointed attorney for indigent parents?

Twenty-five million dollars sure is a lot of money to cover-up child sexual abuse and steal from the government in the name of “helping” sexually abused children.

Is this honest services fraud and a violation of the Federal R.I.C.O. statute?

Is it true that since the music industry has dried up, children are the government’s next largest money-maker?

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  1. I was told by the courts of 246, Harris County CPS and enlighten Ambicus Bobby Young to no longer take my children to the hospital,(as advised by HPD and my attorney of 2009)but to the Children’s Assestment center. So after following the courts in 2012, I did just so when both of my children out cryed TO. ME AND MY MOTHER ..CHILD ASESSTMENT CENTER DENIED both children and said we had no appointment with them! I related to the CPS there that the courts & their agents in courts told me to come and also that I did not want to return them back to their mothers residence which where the children are descriptively telling me that this was the place where they are threatening them and hurting them. Feeling powerless as a father I did not know what to do but return them back into harms way. ALL DOCUMENTED IN MY CHILDRENS CPS DOCUMENTATION BY CPS.


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