Massachusetts, Like Most States, Solicit for Restraining Orders to Keep Federal Crime Victims Assistance Funding Flowing

Domestic Violence.Mass. Solicits Restraining Orders

To All American Families:  The Attorney General’s in Each State Generate Billions of Dollars per Year in Revenue for Crime Victim’s Assistance Funding, a lot of which is competed for by “non-for-profit” organizations that do nothing but hurt families and children.  Oftentimes, they also run the Office for Child Support Enforcement ($40billion per year money-maker).

This letter reads, to the untrained eye, to be harmless, actually, it sounds very helpful and conveys the message that the government cares about the safety of women and children.  Caveat Emptor (“Buyer Beware”)!

We are seeing an enormous amount of men–used to allegedly be more women–with Father’s for Equal Rights and woman-hating, bittter, misogynistic lobbyists and attorneys urging their clients (mostly males) to use the restraining order tactic as a tool to take children away from bitter parents (See post below regarding, the Psychopathic Parent, or Narcissists in child custody battles).  This is not in the “best interests” of children when the restraining orders prevent children from the safe love of fit mommies and daddies.  This is instead, an ill-conceived form of domestic terrorism and war on the American family.

These attorneys, and the judges and court-appointed guardian ad-litem and attorney ad litems for children and “collaborative,” “interdisciplinary” teams of “therapists” are all getting a piece of this Colossus of a federally funded Racketeering scam.

In reality, when a woman goes to the police or court for help regarding allegations her child is making about child abuse and/or child sexual abuse, these same “collaborative,” “Unified Court” professionals–the “New” Mafia–are trained as a matter of policy to disregard them, switch custody, and in many cases, falsely imprison women and take their children in to CPS custody or switch custody to the alleged abuser.  This is happening EVERYWHERE!

Then, the judge will generate more revenue for the county by misusing federal state block grant funding for “SAFE” access and visitation centers where a parent will have to pay for the natural and common law and constitutional right to be a parent to one’s own child(ren).

Additionally, if you happen to be “co-parenting” with a person you perceive to be unreasonable or difficult and that parent happens to be male, please do not fall victim of letters and solicitations like these from state attorney general and/or office of child support enforcement agencies offering a complimentary review of child support.  Keep the government as far away from your family and children as you possibly can.

Please help me spread the message.


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