Interview with Clifford Hall and His Attorney with Nancy Redd on Huffington Post–Clerical Error Sends Man to Jail for Six Months|htmlws-main-bb|dl1|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D432808

Nancy Redd, reporter for The Huffington Post, interviews Clifford Hall and his attorney from Houston, Texas (Harris County).  Judge Lisa Millard of the 310th judicial district court in Harris County, Texas sentenced Mr. Hall to six months in jail in spite of the fact that he had overpaid his $3,000.00 in child support, and for spending “too much time” with his eleven year-old son.  Judge Millard’s court neglected to notify Mr. Hall that new orders were issued in his case that increased child support and changed visitation with his son.

In June 2013, Texas reportedly changed the law to allow judges to sentence anyone who had ever at any point in time been late or not paid child support even if he or she were caught up on child support and current before any court dates.  Texas and the courts failed to let Texas citizens know of this change in policy.  In fact, listen to Clifford Hall’s Houston attorney admit that she had no idea that the law had changed, and claims that she had no idea he could go to jail when he showed up for his court date  overpaid on child support in Judge Lisa Millard’s courtroom.

The author of this blog would like to inform the audience, however, that Judge Lisa Millard discriminates fairly and equally against both women and men alike.  This is not an isolated incident.  Judge Lisa Millard’s court was initially a defendant in a federal lawsuit filed in the U.S. Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, for violation of constitutional rights of Joni Faith Saloom and her only child, Julian Jacob Worrell of Genealogy Saloom in April 2013 before Saloom made a motion to dismiss certain defendants due to alleged “judicial” and “prosecutorial” “immunity” hurdles even though judges technically do not have judicial “immunity” for malicious acts with intent and knowledge of harm and consequences of deprivation of constitutional rights and conspiracy (See 42 U.S.C. 1983, 1985 of Th Civil Rights Act of 1871) committed ultra vires, or for ministerial or administrative acts.

Judge Lisa Millard, Conrad Moren, and the 310th Court, along with Child’s vexatious litigant father, are currently retaliating by trying to use the same scheme that was played on Clifford Hall even though Miss Saloom has yet to be served with the personal service of a summons and notice of any hearing or trial.  Millard or Moren (a “Magistrate”/”Master”/”Referee” Associate judge, not an elected, but rather a judge who has Executive immunity as does the Coast Guard) will most likely issue a Writ of capias, or bench warrant, for arrest without service of process for a child support enforcement and contempt of court of which Texas Family Code reads that a record is not required for such proceedings and in which case the plaintiff does not have any burden of proving anything.  This is a common scam of fraud by courts when the plaintiff’s counsel blatantly lies in pleadings that oftentimes the respondent or defendant never has an opportunity to see or to submit evidence on their behalf with zealous representation of his or her choice.



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