Eight Common Myths About Child Sexual Abuse


Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware):

Please understand that a lot of these studies are intended to help the government help themselves and the state and federal government treasuries, in addition to “sustaining growth and development” of the legal, judicial, medical, and psychological, or, “mental health” professions and “non-for-profits.”  The government, and said “professionals,” are very well versed at distorting charitable and helpful sounding rhetoric and principles–such as “best practices” and “best interests of the child” and “protection”–to  deceive the public to achieve their sole purpose of seeking out new and unending streams of revenue.   Careful study of government and non-for-profit affiliated research and studies which are widely available all over the public Internet will lead to the disillusioning knowledge that state and federal government and honest services professions’ primary goal of “protection” and “guardianship” is to literally find real victims to re-victimize and continue abusing for profit in an endless cycle.  Through the code that is science-based, evidence based, and outcomes based “research” and “policy,” contracted by government and one hundred percent non-transparent by law non-for-profits and charities, the courts find injured parental and marital litigants, funnel them into court-ordered services in which the judges themselves have a financial and federal, state, and possibly county incentivized stake in the outcome of all cases that come before them.  Additional revenue streams and professions that, in a likewise fashion, help to “protect” the “economy” of the states include, but are not limited to the following paid, for profit agents:   psychologists, counselors, substance abuse screening contractors, parental “evaluators,” “coordinators,” “social study” providers, social workers, CPAs, court-appointed guardian and attorneys ad-litem for children and elderly in many cases (mandatory by law), assessment providers, investigators, and expert witnesses,
“safe” “access and visitation” providers who also sell counseling services, “transporters,” institutional or “rehabilitative residential treatment facility” profiteers, many of whom are very large politicians, police, sheriff’s, probation, and juvenile court and now, even school systems and health programs and providers, and “forensic specialists.”  This is the real explanation for why so many children keep getting “placed” with their abusers and abusive foster homes, guardianship, and institutions.  It is deliberate on the part of said professions.  Children are deliberately placed with the violent, unreasonable, selfish,contentious, psychopathic, controlling, narcissistic parent with a history of criminal and civil violations and abuse because the court presumes (mistakenly as a lot of people are already broke before they get to court and can’t afford representation, experts, blah, blah, blah) that the “good” and fit parent will spend their life savings and their families’ and/or friends trying to fight as long as possible to get her child/children back.  It has been cited that for every “removed”/legally kidnapped child, twenty-five people get a new job assignment through such a case, and each case ends up adding between $80,000 and $100,000.00 to general revenue.  Protect yourselves from the “protectors,” before it is too late for you and/or your family and friends and their children.

These facts, based on countless hours and years of research and personal experiences and observations and others in similar situations, “advocate,” indeed, mandate, that each and every citizen or resident of this Republic U.S., especially parents, teachers, grandparents, care providers, and prospective parents or marital contestants READ BETWEEN the LINES.  Read, Read, Read, and then READ again.  One should read through the lenses of what one imagines to be the screen of a professional government defense attorney’s or medical malpractice attorney’s eyes.  In the alternative, one might find him or herself between the far too often cited cliche, or, “hackneyed expression,” “Scylla and Charybdis,” of broke and broken without one’s children, home, and life savings and career and reputation and broke, broken, and in prison, less all of these things (U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonin Scalia, Making Your Case).




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