Reality of High Conflict Cases

The Communist(as) are gloating again:

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

The court is very fond of pigeon holing certain cases that it defines as high conflict into a label.  However, as any parent who has experienced a high conflict case can attest to, the conflict is either generated by abuse that the court wishes to sweep under the carpet, malicious rulings that do not abide by any standard under the law, or the psychopathic and narcissistic parent who uses children as weapons and tools against the other parent.   In either case it represents an intolerable situation that the court labels as high conflict as there generally is prolonged litigation to address either scenario.

The conflict in these cases is actually generated by the court who instead of addressing the law as it stands allows abuse to continue or allows the psychopathic parent to use and manipulate children in the worst possible way, instead of removing said children from that…

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