Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars-Bilderburg Plan for World Domination Drafted in 1954



This document was found by chance in an old IBM office machine after being purchased at a garage sale.  Some would speculate by saying that this is the beginnings of a draft for taking over America. It was drafted at a policy meeting of the Bilderburg Group in 1954.  It involves control of the world’s finances, economy, agriculture, environment, all resources, food production, human capital, or, “assets,” and industry to control and eventually “cull” the world’s population to roughly thirty percent (30%) of what it is today.

N.A.S.A. actually has a great document posted I believe on the front of its webpage that involves the ultimate elimination of the human workforce through robotics and artificial intelligence.  I shall try to find it and post it.

Wake Up, America, please, before it is too late, and own the U.S. Constitution and our founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence. Be courageous and come forward with stories, comments, and spread these kinds of messages to everyone you know.  Above all else, please be a true patriot, and take the time to read and research and encourage others to actually read the following document, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, and others like it.



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